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Telemedicine Service

Telemedicine is a service that can help a patient/ doctor/ hospital in a remote location to consult with a Super Specialist at Access India Group, using ICT (Information and Communication Technology) for the purpose of Diagnosis, Treatment, Second Opinion or Follow-up.


Why Access India Group Telemedicine?

  • High Quality Healthcare from the convenience of your home town
  • Second opinion for your health needs
  • Stay in touch with your Doctor – where ever you are
  • No waiting in queue for a review
  • Reduce travel, food & accommodation costs and save time
  • Easy follow-up with your preferred Doctor to ensure proper care
  • Security – all patient information is encrypted and secured
  • Stay assured and feel confident with virtual support

Spot check vital signs monitoring systems

Respond to changing patient conditions

PC-303 Spot-Check Monitor

  • 3-inch LCD display
  • Measuring SpO2, NIBP, Pulse Rate, TEMP, ECG and Glucose
  • Built-in wireless module for real-time transfer via APP
  • Up to 6,000 groups NIBP data storage
  • Integrated rechargeable lithium battery
  • Hand carry suitcase with Android tablet (optional)
  • PC analysis software for data upload and review
  • Provide SDK and communication protocol for integration
PC-303 Spot-Check Monitor
Vitelflo software

ViTELflo: Diagnostic Data Management

VITELFLO is TeleMED’s proprietary application for sharing, managing and storing medical diagnostic test data in a secure cloud environment. ViTELflo delivers unmatched flexibility and efficiency to ensure that tracings are interpreted and results are delivered the way you want it and with the productivity that you want. And you can never outgrow ViTELflo because it offers complete scalability, easy integration and high performance.